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EMA pharm pharmaceuticals established since 1995 by Dr Eman El Amin. We began the production of our products in well-known Pharmaceutical factories that practice GMP.
EMA pharm shows excellent growths the past five years that make us one of the top growing pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.


Our mission is to provide Novel molecules, either phyto-chemical or chemical molecules, with high efficacy and safety.


Our vision is to be the leader Toll manufacture company.

Our Values

When you’re sure of your core values, decision making becomes much simpler. When faced with a choice, you simply ask yourself: “Does this action align with my values?” At EMA pharm we make our choices upon what we believe:

  1. Honesty
  2. Ownership
  3. Respect
  4. Sharing responsibilities
  5. Team Work
Are our keys of Success.

Our Achievments

EMA pharm sales is growing yearly, in 2011 we shown 30% growth on IMS.
Our profile is growing almost yearly by introducing newly launched products, but we still proud of our great achievements in Egyptian Market as:

  • Primrose plus

      • The market leader as sales and prescription in EPO’S Market which treat multiple
      • diseases as PMS, Mastalgia, eczema.
      • Primrose plus sales increased to 160,000 units in 2011

    Gingko Biloba

      • One of identified products in Peripheral and Central vascular insufficiency
      • showing almost 65% growth in 2011


      • The powerful liver support with the unique formula that have a powerful absorption show a constituent growth almost 45% the past three years.


      • The only prophylactic therapy for migran.

Our Team

Sales and Marketing:

Our Sales team is built by:
150 Medical Representatives
16 District Managers/Field Force supervisors
6 Area Managers/Sales Managers
Marketing and Medical
4 Group Product Managers
1 Medical-Training Manager
1 Assistant Training Manager
Marketing Consultant

Accountant and Secretaries

Marketing Consultant
2 Accountant
2 Senior Accountants
Accounting Manager
3 Secretaries

Design office


Meet Our Board

Eng. Ahmed Badr
General Director.

Eng. Mohamed Badr
Vice General Director
For production and controlling.

Dr. Mustafa Badr
Vice General Director
For Sales and Marketing