EMACARDIN capsules




EMACARDIN is a cardiotonic with a very wide safety margin for long term use in cases of Congestive Heart Failure and Ischemic Heart Disease.

Each capsule contains 450 mg Hawthorn (crataegus) Hydroalcoholic extract.


Pharmacological Action: Emacardin properties are attributed to Hawthorn content of flavonoids and procyanidins. Emacardin action is mediated through phosphodiesterase inhibition leading to increase in intracellular CAMP and increased calcium membrane permeability, leading to vasodilation, increased coronary blood flow, and positive inotropic effect.  Emacardin improves myocardial tissue perfusion, reduces peripheral resistance and improves exercise tolerance in cardiac patients.


Indications/ Uses:
Ischemic Heart Disease
Heart failure NYHA class I & II


1 -2 capsules daily or as prescribed by your physician.


Box containing 2 strips, 10 capsules each.